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Bespoke – A Better Web Design For A Customized Web Page And For Benefits In The Long Run

Off The Peg web designweb designer essex is a leading company in the UK which is contributing to the field of web designing and development since the year 2001. The company uses only premium UK website hosting for all its sites and offers in house search engine optimisation and marketing campaigns. As Peg designs company offers customized, tailor made web design solutions for both local and national businesses, it is important to know why a customized web page has to be created to bring-in success to your business.

Why Is It Important to Create A Web Page For Your Business?
It is well understood that today online marketing, online business, and online information search is the most popular tool available for almost anything, making the whole world a global village. Therefore, if a person wants to refer to a business, his first step is to search it up on the internet. There is no assurance to say what other people might post about your company or about related details. This is where the importance arises, as the first impression of a customer matters a lot. If you have a well-built website which provides all our details, the customer unknowingly builds up a trust, and from there onwards you gain yourself a potential buyer.

Web Designs Available In The Market
When considering types of web designs in the market it is to be noted that they are two types.

1)      Template websites

2)      Bespoke websites.

It is highly recommended considering the growth of your business and the ever changing market to go for a bespoke website for better advantage in the long run. The awareness about these two types of web designs and the comparisons will help you to figure out why a bespoke web design is better than an online / template web design.

What Are Bespoke Web Designs And Template Web Designs?

Template style websites are straightforward and pre-built; those could also be readily purchased. This web design will contain a large amount of data with a number of similar looking pages. The website design is generic and could be purchased by anyone. These websites are not very flexible, which limits the owner to the parameters of the template.

A bespoke style web design is a custom, tailor made web design created for a specific purpose or product. This website is often built from scratch to match the needs of a company or a business and may take a while to finish building the site. Designers will spend time with you to analyse your requirements and will work with you until your requirements are interpreted in the best form in the website in order to create a unique website for you.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Template Web Design


  • Extremely cheap when compared to bespoke websites
  • Could select your own colour scheme
  • Basic developing skills required


  • Almost all template websites have similar designs
  • The presence of search engines
  • A number of limitations which makes it worthless with the growth of the business
  • Very difficult to identify the identity of your brands
  • The functionality and the layout might not suit the purpose of your business
  • Built using substandard and out-dated code
  • Has a negative effect when it comes to search engine optimisation making the search of key words difficult
  • Not very compatible with certain browsers
  • Takes time to load

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Bespoke Web Design


  • Exciting
  • You can have all what you need
  • Can add and omit with unlimited variations
  • designed and built by professionals
  • responsive can be viewed from any average smartphone to any device above
  • The possibility of new customers are endless
  • Can expand as you wish
  • A long term investment
  • Allows a constant identity to your site
  • You will have total control on your online presence
  • Built using latest W3C HTML and CSS coding standards
  • Works with different types of browsers
  • Little hassle when it comes to technical problems
  • Access to a wealth of experience
  • Quality and professional image


  • Costly
  • Time consuming to generate

So what more are you waiting for, the above comparison confirms the uniqueness and the various benefits that you could attain through a bespoke website. Think a minute, go through information and then decide what sort of web design you would need for your business. Decide wisely to avoid cognitive dissonance with time and make sure to attain the value for your money.

Contact Peg Design Company to make your own customize bespoke web page to incorporate strong functionality. Peg Design will help you develop a quality website which will reflect your brand and goals so well that you will keep on gaining more customers each day.

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