How To Create Landing Pages That Deliver

cute-18716A landing page is often a confusing term where not everyone is sure what it even means. It is a specific page designed for a targeted purpose when a visitor first visits a web site, often following a promotion.

For instance, if a site owner buys a Google AdWords advert for the purpose of driving traffic to sign up to their email newsletter for more information about their products, then the ad should direct visitors to the landing page for the email opt-in and not directly to the home page.

A landing page should be designed with a goal in mind whether that is to build an email list of visitors, promote a product or showcase a new service launch. In this way, new visitors are carefully funnelled through to the focused area that the site owner wishes to use to get their desired outcome, i.e. email newsletter opt-in landing pages have higher sign-up rates that when visitors just arrive at the home page. Continue reading How To Create Landing Pages That Deliver