Facebook’s Success Dissected

The Psychology behind Likes, Shares, Et Al

Ever noticed that when you log in to Facebook to send a mail to someone or set a reminder for an event, you end up getting lost in trivial tasks such as browsing notifications, liking images or reading silly posts? And despite your highest levels of dedication and awesome will power, you simply can’t help deviate from your original duties, right? Many at times, it also tends to happen if you’re doing something else and happen to come across Facebook. So, why do we find Facebook so addictive that we don’t mind wasting hours of precious time?

Well, according to various forms of research and experiments, experts have determined that our addiction to Facebook might not be an addiction at all, nor is it some sort of mystery anymore. There are apparently a variety of psychological and marketing tactics that get us hooked onto Facebook like sheep!

Researchers have indeed identified various trends in the way we perform major actions on Facebook. These include posting, sharing, liking, commenting and of course, stalking! They have discovered that there is a whole different level of psychology that goes into making Facebook the unending abyss of life that it is. Now, let’s take a look at the various aspects of Facebook’s psychology, so that we know what turns sensible web users into mindless trolls who continuously post, share and like stuff on the social media platform.

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