Weave persuasive SEO centric web content

Search Engine OptimisationSEO, or content marketing as it is now becoming widely known, is slowly increasing in importance in marketing campaigns. With Google changing its authorship algorithms, and reducing authorship snippets by 15%, competition to produce the highest quality content has seen a huge markup. Thus, the quality of the content has started to matter as well as the level of SEO optimization it has undergone. As competition increases, the content has to be persuasive at many levels in order to persuade readers to buy what they are selling.

The essentials of persuasion

Persuasion techniques usually fall into set categories. They are –

  • reciprocity
  • consistency
  • social proof
  • liking
  • authority
  • scarcity.

First we examine reciprocity. Here, one has to offer someone, a client in this case, some of value so that they reciprocate by giving the seller cash or their interest in return. In a service scenario, the content producers are offering content that will enhance the life of the content consumers, and in turn get page views, reputation and other non-quantifiable services from them. Continue reading Weave persuasive SEO centric web content